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The absolute number one! Riesling from the slopy shale subsoils thrives in an ideal environment.
Dry, elegant wines and sparkling wines with a tight corset made of acid and mineral. Semi-dry and off-dry wines – strong and fruity.  And of course sweet wines – the timeless Moselle classics.

Matured in a traditional 1000 litres oak barrel, these wines satisfy with a variety of flavours and never lose their appeal despite their sweetness.


A true summer wine. Dry, mild and a flowery scent. A lovely drink served ice cold in summer at a barbeque. A light wine, easy to drink and without artificial attitudes – alive in a glass.

Our Rivaner from the Moselle valley is only ever cultivated in stainless steel tanks.


Pinot Noir, just like Riesling, is superbly acclimatised to the northern vineyards and, therefore, an excellent addition.
Our vibrant red wines grow on the steep slopes – velvety, fruity and with moderate barrel maturation.
The grapes for our Rosé grow in the valley, light and wholesome with the Pinot Noir’s typical fruit flavours.

Or, in addition, the dry variety – the Blanc de Noir
The Blanc Noir completes the circle back to Riesling. A mild wine among the dry wines that acts out fully its fruity flavours.

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