„The trade/craft remains in the family“, an old tradition since 1947…
Marco PortenMacher-Marco-296x196

From father to son/since 2005

Wine and music are his passions. Two fervours supporting each other along the laborious process of creation. Consequently, Marco does not follow any wine growing philosophy – everything is possible, nothing is a must. In the vineyards, a gentle handling of resources is paramount. This of course also applies to the processing of the grapes and their vinification in the cellar. Along with vinification in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, the traditional development in wooden barrels has maintained itself. Late bottling – earliest in the following spring – provides wines with sufficient time to develop.

Peter PortenMacher-Peter-296x196

The experienced / since 1972

Since the 1980s, Peter Porten and his wife Karin had been developing  the wine-growing estate further. Along with the name, Peter brought with him experience in growing vines, gathered over generations, and an exorbitant work ethos.  In the 1970s, mechanisation was still a foreign word in the Moselle region and increasing holdings demanded a horrendous amount of manual labour. Peter modernized the business. All vineyards were reorganized with a cordon training of the vines and focus shifted toward Riesling, characteristic of the Moselle. Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc pushed Optima and Kerner aside.

Josef BeckerJosef

The discoverer / since 1947

In 1947, Josef and Christine Becker, neé Neisius, lay the foundations of the current estate in Köwerich. Back then, the Neisius family farmed the former Echternacher estate belonging to the abbey of Prüm. Some of the best vineyards belonging to the Porten-Becker estate originated there. With tireless diligence and through hard manual labour they expanded the business year by year. Only in the 1960s, following the land consolidation vineyards from the valley were added to the ones on the steep slopes. Using the name Becker-Neisius, the first bottles were also filled in Köwerich.